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Full Circle Designs

Connecting life, spirit and beauty
i create beauty.
i surround myself with beauty and calmness.
i slow my thoughts so that I can observe & absorb all that is around me.
enjoy your journey and find what is missing in your life.

Full Circle Designs
mandala art Full Circle Designs

Mandala art can be used as a therapy for everyone at any time. It is a way of expressing what we are thinking, feeling and experiencing. You can use a mandala as a tool on your way of dicovery. Mandalas are used in meditation practices and they can help you concentrate. Mandalas are a reflection of spiritual energy.

Included with each mandala is a brief description and lists of colors and shapes for you to fill in your own ideas. Every mandala means something different to each of us.

Click here to visit my gallery of Mandalas. Prints are available for purchase online.

Click here to learn more about the process of creating Mandalas.

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